AS46997 (formerly AS396303) is a network operated by Nato Research. Nato Internet Service is a non-profit project for learning, education and research.

Our goal is to support the ever-growing internet community that wants to experiment and gain hands-on experience with the real world BGP. We provide the following services:

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support service at

Note: I am quite busy lately; responses to non-emergency tickets (tunnel requests, IP requests) may be delayed up to 30 days. Feel free to open new tickets. I will process them as soon as I can.

  • Mar-01-2021: SFMIX port up. We are open for peering.
  • Dec-21-2020: FCIX port up. We are open for peering.
  • Sep-12-2020: We added a new web-based RS. Check it out here.
  • Sep-04-2020: We now support Delegated RPKI. You can now run your own CA and manage ROAs yourself.
  • Jun-29-2020: We have temporarily stopped accepting new LXC requests.
  • May-15-2020: nis-transit incident investigation report: Seattle IPv6 BGP session flapping.
  • May-14-2020: NIS mail lists online. Subscribe for services updates and announcements.
  • May-12-2020: Seattle PoP hardware maintenance.
  • May-11-2020: Our delegated RPKI is ready, powered by Krill. IP space owners may now request ROA signing from us. The self-service signing portal is on the way.
  • May-04-2020: ARIN allocated AS46997 to us, we will transition from AS396303.
  • Apr-24-2020: We now offer Free LXC and SIT tunnel with BGP.
  • Apr-17-2020: Service update (2602:feda:: project): ARIN no longer allows LIRs to create POC or OrgID for another organization. Reallocation is no longer possible for non-ARIN members. We can still reassign IP space if you are not an ARIN member, but you must register with ARIN if you want a reallocation.


Here's a list of Point of Presences of AS46997:

Location Port Speed Service
Seattle, US 1Gbps LXC, LXC (w/ BGP), SIT tunnel, SIT tunnel (w/ BGP)
Fremont, US 2x10Gbps
Tokyo, JP 1Gbps LXC, SIT tunnel
Frankfurt, DE 1Gbps LXC, LXC (w/ BGP), SIT tunnel, SIT tunnel (w/ BGP)
Vancouver, CA 10Gbps SIT tunnel, SIT tunnel (w/ BGP)
Tseung Kwan O, HK 1Gbps


AS46997 has open peering policy, we are willing to peer over any exchange points we have in common.

Our network information:

  • ASN: 46997
  • Policy: Open

Our IX information:

IXP Port Speed Addresses
SFMIX 10Gbps
FCIX 10Gbps
SIX 1Gbps
SIX (9000 MTU) 1Gbps
KleyReX 1Gbps
LocIX 1Gbps
UNM-Exch 10Gbps

To peer with us, you must have:

  • One or more common Internet Exchange with us.
  • A publicly routable ASN.
  • Completed ASN record in PeeringDB.
  • One or more public routable IPv4 and/or IPv6 address space.

If you meet the criteria above and would like to peer with us, you should respect following rules:

  • Only send routes that from your own network, and only announce address space which you are authorized to announce.
  • Only send traffic that is destined to routes that we announced to you.

If those rules work for you and you met the criteria - Great, let's peer! Drop an email to noc_at_nat_dot_moe, tell us your desired peering method and your ASN. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Here's a live list of AS46997 customers and upstreams, powered by RIPEstat.

Our current upstreams are:


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We currently provide IP transit services to the following networks:


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And a total of 0 /48 IPv6 spaces we allocated are currently in use.